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If your enquiry is regarding purchasing a hovercraft, please take a look at the Buy a Hovercraft page before contacting me, as the information you require may be provided by the companies listed.

IMPORTANT: If your request is time sensitive, e.g. for a magazine article, publication, school project, etc., please tell me the timescale so I can prioritize my reply. In the meantime, try these three great resources: Hovercraft FAQ, Build at Hovercraft and "Designing and building a miniature air- cushioned vehicle for use on water". It may take me a while to get back to you (maybe months, sorry!) if you don't specify a time period, but rest assured I will reply when I can.

Please note, from time to time I am asked if I can volunteer images for purposes such as museum displays or leaflets, and, rarely, books. For the speed of replying to such requests, if you send me your own photographs and don't mind volunteering their use within these publications, credited as "{{Your name}} from", please let me know. Thanks!

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If you send pictures, videos, photos or information to be hosted at James' Hovercraft Site, the original copyright and ownership of the material will remain yours and a credit to yourself will be shown next to the material you have provided. Any material you supply to be included in this website is much appreciated, thank you very much for your time and efforts in continuing to make this site a valuable resource for fellow viewers!