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Hovercraft and Concorde DVDs Shop

The Hovercraft Collection DVD (£5; Duration 1h 9mins. Details)
The Concorde Collection DVD (£5; Duration 49 mins. Details)
Hovercraft and Concorde Collection DVD Bundle (£8.50; Duration 1h 9min + 49 mins. Details)

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If you wish to buy the Hovercraft AND Concorde Collection DVDs together, please choose the third option "Hovercraft and Concorde DVD bundle" and save £1.50!!

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The Hovercraft Collection DVD

(£5; Duration 1h 9mins).
(from Videos Page. Click chapter names to expand contents).

Chapters and contents:
Flight deck of Swift across the English Channel
  • Brief look outside, boarding
  • Brief lookaround inside: Passenger cabin, Car deck
  • Cockpit: Pre-Engine start, engine start, Dover departure, Cruise, and Arrival at Calais
  • Outside: Arrival in Dover, Dover Hoverport Bus Service
Goodwin Sands trip with the Goodwin Sands Potholing Club
  • Boarding
  • Pre-flight brief
  • Departure
  • Arrival at The Goodwins
  • Look around the Sands
  • Games on the Sand: Throwing the Haggis, Tossing the Horseshoe
SRN4 Hovercraft Last Flights
  • Arrival of The Princess Anne in Dover (viewed from hoverport)
  • Departure from inside passenger cabin
  • Cruise from inside passenger cabin
  • Outside shots in Calais, arrival of The Princess Margeret and departure of The Princess Anne
  • Outside shot from Dover: Departure of The Princess Margaret
  • Inside the cockpit of The Princess Anne, departure from Calais
  • Passenger cabin arrival and disembarkation into Dover
  • Arrival and Departure of The Princess Anne (viewed from the Prince of Wales pier)
  • Arrival of The Princess Margaret
SRN4 Engineering Workshops
  • Arrival into engineering bay of The Princess Anne
  • Ground crew activity
  • Lifting on one engine for jack placement
  • Tour of insides of The Princess Margaret (undergoing maintenance): Rear, lift fan, engine room, electronics bay
  • Lifting The Princess Anne onto jacks: Jack control, lifting process, under-skirt walkaround, descent into the skirt
  • View from roof
  • Brief cockpit systems tour

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The Concorde Collection DVD

(£5; Duration 49mins).
(from Concorde Tour; Click chapter names to expand contents).

Chapters and contents (click to expand):
Concorde Exterior Walkaround (G-BOAG)
  • Supersonic planes leak
  • BA engineering team workforce
  • History of Concorde fleet
  • Design of Concorde (incl. delta wings & droop nose)
  • Pitot heads and temperature probes
  • Nose landing gear
  • Hold compartments
  • Fuel tanks & the kevlar lining
  • Engines and convergent-divergent intake ducts
  • Afterburners & supercruise
  • Thrust reversers & noise abatement
  • Rear tailcone & tailwheel
  • Control surfaces (elevons & rudder)
  • The probable happenings of the Paris air crash
Cockpit Tour
  • Instruments walkthrough
  • Aircraft handling
  • Autopilots
  • Aircraft systems & features
  • Emergency procedures
Cabin tour
  • Internal aircraft electronics & analogue computers
  • Testing new seats
  • Aircraft flight data recorders
  • Engineering doors vs Passenger doors
Ground manoeuvres
  • Inside Concorde under tow from the pilot's seat
  • Location of the nosewheel towtruck
  • G-BOAC being towed
  • Parking

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Hovercraft and Concorde Collections DVD Bundle

(£8.50; Duration 1h 9mins + 49mins).

This item is to reduce your delivery costs to a minimum if you wish to purchase both The Hovercraft Collection and The Concorde Collection DVDs together. You will receive both DVDs individually boxed, at the discounted rate of £8.50. Look at the details for The Hovercraft Collection and The Concorde Collection DVDs above for information about the two DVDs' contents.

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